Ethical and Socially Responsive Business

Topics: Business ethics, Homelessness, Ethics Pages: 1 (683 words) Published: October 27, 2014

In running a business like The Cheesecake Factory, I think the the most important parts of the code of business ethics and conduct are the ones that ultimately protect the staff. The staff in a restaurant is the most important asset that restaurant has, and it’s the asset that’s the most vulnerable. More specifically, I believe the following excerpt from The Cheesecake Factory Code of Ethics and Code of Business Conduct (Rev. March 2006) is the most important in regards to protecting the company and our greatest asset, our employees: We take very seriously and will not tolerate any form of harassment, including sexual harassment or other discriminatory behaviors. We also have no tolerance for drug or alcohol abuse among our staff members in the workplace. Compliance with these policies is essential to our corporate philosophy. Accordingly, all staff members must understand and abide by our policies relating to sexual harassment, drug and alcohol abuse, diversity and non-discrimination. The most important thing you can provide for an employee is a safe work environment and I believe protecting employees from harassment of any form and providing a drug and alcohol free work environment is a very important way to do that. Couple that directive with our anti-retaliation code of conduct and you will find that we are successful in creating a safe environment for our employees. Not only does our code of conduct ensure that they come into a non-hostile work environment we also go above and beyond ensuring that any report of harassment or drug or alcohol use on the job will be free of any negative connotations or retaliation by anyone within the company. Put simply, if you don’t feel safe at work we have created a safe way to report those issues and protect our staff from feeling unsafe from doing so. If we have somehow failed to keep a safe work environment, we will ensure we have maintained a safe way to report that and work with you to bring your environment back to...

References: Board of Directors, C. (2004, March 16). Http:// of ethics for executives.pdf. Retrieved September 7, 2014.
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