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ICT 2.1 Use ICT Systems – Candidate Statement

Candidate Statement
Assessor Comments


Describe how you will approach an activity that involves the use of ICT. Use bullet points if you wish.

The purpose of my task is to create a spread sheet with two different universities. I will be looking at the cost of accommodation away from home. Secondly, I will be looking at The types of accommodation available and the different prices. Furthermore, I will be looking at the cost of living in 5 different places and finally, the cost of transport to these 5 places any additional costs The audience I am doing this for is my tutor. The final structure of my spread sheet is to look at the financial consideration of future plans that I am tending to do when leaving college.


Use ICT independently to carry out the activity effectively

I am going to approach the task using ICT independently. I will make sure I will save my work and not force quit as I could lose my work. When doing this task I will use correct procedures such as starting and shutting down the ICT systems. I will then select appropriate software applications such as word processor and spread sheet to achieve my purpose. I will use the spread sheet software to present information in a numerical way, to use functions to calculate the sum, to calculate the average, and identify maximum and minimum values, to show tables, graphs, to perform database manipulations. I will use input and output devices such as the printer to print out my work. I will adjust any mistakes I’ve made them and restore them when finished. I will use suitable names for files and folders to make them easier to retrieve later. I will back up my work later on a drive and usb drive. I will only ask for help when I need it and will explain why I asked for help...
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