Essay Outline Hunger & Homelessness

Topics: Poverty, Unemployment, Famine Pages: 2 (285 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Thesis statement: In a thriving world, increasing population of hungry and homeless people is an alarming, emerging and disturbing issue. I. Introduction
II. Why is hunger and homelessness an issue?
a. Deaths
b. Could lead to conflicts, war within people
1. People can be forced to involve in crimes
2. They might blame others for their issues and start fights c. Diseases
d. Illiteracy
e. Starvation
III. What are some causes of the issue?
a. Joblessness
b. Poverty
c. High taxes
d. Loans on interest
e. Bad economy
f. Lack of agriculture, and the increasing industrialization 1. Lack of agriculture leads to lack of food
2. Industrialization creates less land for agriculture g. Militarization
h. Droughts
i. Famine
IV. Facts and data about the issues
a. Rate of deaths of hunger in the world
1. A child dies every five seconds because of hunger b. Ages of hungry people
c. Number of people malnourished in the world
f. Facts about hungry from developing countries
e. Ages of homeless
f. Statistics about homelessness
V. Work being done on these issues
a. Soup kitchens
b. Voluntary work
c. Donation boxes in colleges, post offices and libraries d. UN food program
e. Different organizations
1. Feeding America
2. Bread for the World
3. National Alliance to End Homelessness
VI. Lack of resource
a. No money to buy sufficient food and to afford housing due to: 1. Unemployment
2. Inadequate wages
VII. Historical background
a. In 1600 England was the first to give grants to homeless b. At the time of great depression, there were 2 million homeless in US c. In 1974, the first emergency shelter for women was made d. 1960s revolution to end hunger

VIII. Conclusion
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