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Topics: Poverty, Homelessness, Poetry Pages: 3 (843 words) Published: April 5, 2013
Title: Poor People
Poet: W.S Rendra
Poor People is one of the famous poems written by W.S Rendra in 1978( The poet is Indonesian and this poem told about what happen about poor people in that country, especially in town. This poet is full of critics to the entire Indonesian people including the government and president. Rendra wanted to remind that there are still a lot of poor people outside. In the middle of modernity and high class life of rich people, there are still a lot of suffering people. He wanted all people know that poor people outside need help and care from us. We must not left behind and forget them. Thus, this poem is criticize the entire citizen of Indonesia that not enough caring the poor people.

I read some preeminent thing in this poem that really show the life of poor people, such as words like poor, gutters, lost, tantalized and forget. Those words are in stanza 1 that describing the title itself. And then the first line of the first stanza tells that we have to care the poor. In the real life, we often see the homeless people always increase rather than decrease or disappear. Here, the writer wanted us to care them; at least we have to give something useful to them. Furthermore, the things that heard unusual is that the words like smell, clings, and pregnant. Those words represent the poor that wear dirty and stinky clothes and also pregnant women in the roads. In here, we can conclude that the homeless is dominated by women. If we saw this, we will more concern with the women rather than the men. However, this condition happened in all places.

In the third and forth stanza, I noticed some words that I think as the key in this poem. Those words are sin, dark, grass, push away, shadows and broken. The word sin represents the poor, and they are not useful that grow in the roads like grass. But, the writer inserts the message here, like we have to care them like in the poem.

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