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Ladies & Gentlemen,

My name is Charles, I am a freshmen in UCLA and I am the candidate for the Student Parliament Minister of Environment. I heard that last year members of the Student Parliament did a great job by improving the school’s conditions to our needs, organizing events for students. However, I think that the Council needs some refreshment - new faces, new ideas are to come in and reinforce the experience of the old ones with their enthusiasm.

In my opinion, this new approach can be demonstrated by first-year students. 

I was authorized by the freshmen of our school to run for the student council representative. I guess they chose me because I was previously involved in high school council and afterwards spent one year participating in the European Youth Parliament and Model United Nations project for future leaders. One of my achievements in my old school was the ban of the compensation system on PT lessons, so that our students didn't have to make up for the lessons when they were ill or absent. To tell the truth, this "political" and leadership experience only stirred up my thirst for making the world a better place by showing the ways to do it. For example, our school is a wonderful place to study at, but still it needs some improvement: we have to take care our environment more seriously. Not for just rules we have to take care because we want it personally. You can start with Reduce, reuse and recycle.

The two slogans for my election campaign are "FRESHMAN FOR REFRESHMENT", and “ TODAY THE SCHOOL-TOMORROW THE WORLD” and as a representative of first-year students I come out for bringing new energy and new enthusiasm to the student council. I am not going to convince you that I am the very best candidate for this position. I am only 17; I have quite a modest track record in the school council and participating in the cultural exchange programme for future leaders. I lack experience, but it is compensated...
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