Energy Matter

Topics: Sindh, Energy, United Nations Pages: 3 (402 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Energy is essential part of this world. Everything in the world runs on energy. It play,s important part in

development of a country.

it is considered to be life line of

any economy and most vital instrument of socioeconomic development of a country.

There are many types of energy in this world which are obtained from different sources,

But in Pakistan main sources of energy are

(fossil fules, petroleum products, natural gas, coal, wind, nuclear, hydro power)

Pakistan is producing very less energy then demand. Main issue of energy is because of

Growing Energy Demand, Lack of proactive and integrated planning for production of Energy

and Imbalanced Energy mix.

Because of energy crices Pakistan is facing many issues like bad economic factors, less agriculture production,

shut down of many industries social issues and the issue which is worse and effecting Pakistan badly is unemployment.

To control these issues Pakistan main project is kalabagh Dam.The energy generated at Kalabagh would be equivalent to 20

million of oil per year.

Kalabagh wit its installed capacity of 2400 MW (ultimate 3600 MW) would add to the system a very large chunk of

cheap hydro-power.

In an average year, 11413 million kilowatts hours (MKWh’s) of electricity would be generated at Kalabagh.

Pakistan needs Kalabagh Dam not only because of energy issues but to control Floods are detrimental.Kalabagh would store

surplus water in the flood season and make it available forcontrolled utilization during the low flow season.

Kalabagh Dam Project was designed in 1984, with the assistance of the United Nations

Development Program; supervised by the World Bank, for the client Water and Power

Development Authority of Pakistan.It was estimated to cost US$ 3.46 Billion at June 1987

level and was scheduled to be completed in 6 years, Kalabagh Dam Project would be

located on river Indus 100 miles south-west of Pakistan’s capital...
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