Effects of Reading on Teenagers

Topics: Educational psychology, Entertainment, Learning Pages: 1 (442 words) Published: August 28, 2012
Reading is one of the oldest activities in human history. It provides you with information you want on a wide variety of topics and entertains you in a fascinating way that only the reader understands. Although reading itself is a rather personal experience, the benefits you get from it from a long-term perspective is far from limiting. If you start reading in your teens, I am sure you will notice its positive effects on your future personal development and in many ways which seem unimaginable in the very beginning. Most obviously, a teenager can get to gain more knowledge by constant reading. He can simply start by reading books of topics that pique his interests and move on to reading more. Over time and unknowingly, he will solidify his knowledge reservoir. This is only one side of the whole issue. While a teenager's knowledge is being built up bit by bit, he is also trained to think logically. By reading more, he learns to follow the logic presented by the reading materials. He will then apply what he learns to the daily lives, analyzes and reacts with his critical mind. A teenager grows in this way and learns to be his own mentor. Reading can help nurture a better manner and attitude in teenagers. Most of the time when you are reading, you need to sit alone and concentrate on your reading heart and soul. Except the imaginative characters in your novels(if you are reading novels), you are your sole companion. Reading takes one's patience, especially if you are reading long ones. If a teenager can learn to read patiently, he can accomplish many other tasks with the same attitude in his life. Many good writers like reading. Reading more certainly leads to better writing skills. The more you read about a certain topic, the better you are informed of it. Thus, the more you read, the more you know about how to write better. When you build a solid knowledge foundation, you can enrich your writing by supplementing your writing...
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