Effectiveness of Legal and Non Legal Measures in World Order

Topics: United Nations, Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, Nuclear weapon Pages: 4 (1048 words) Published: August 11, 2013
Evaluate the effectiveness of legal and non-legal measures in resolving conflict and working towards word world order. Introduction
World order are the activities and relationship between the world states, and other significant non-state global actors, that occur within a legal, political and economic frame work. The need for world order has arisen due to the past historical conflicts, colonialism, greater interdependence between nations, and the increased impact of the activities of nation states upon other nation states. Legal measures such as the UN, as well as non-legal measures such as the media and Non-governmental organisations, show a mixed effectiveness in response to resolving conflict and working towards world order.

Legal Response
Multilateral Treaties
Furthermore, another legal measure which shows the effectiveness in maintaining world order are Multilateral treaties. These treaties are an international agreement involving three or more parties. The Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) was signed in 1968 in Washington, London, Moscow and came into force in 1970 when it was ratified by a sufficient number of nations. The treaty aimed to reduce the number of nuclear weapons in the world. A deal was made, saying that countries lacking nuclear weapons promised not to develop them if the five nations that did possess them at the time (USA, Russia, China, Britain and France) agreed to gradually reduce the number of weapons that they held. The members of this treaty optimistically agreed, furthering this by adopting another treaty called the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty which would eliminate nuclear weapons, support nuclear free zones and give security assurance to all nations. However, despite five weeks of negotiations, nothing was achieved an no final document was produced. Unless the leaders of the world’s major powers show more political and moral commitments to the cause of nuclear disarmament, the NPT will collapse and possibly lead to an...
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