Educating Girls

Topics: United Nations, School, Human rights Pages: 3 (770 words) Published: December 4, 2011
Aislinn Beam

Educating Girlsk, Unlocking Development

The importance of educating girls is such a diverse subject in multiple Countries. Why is it such an importance to bring up educating our young girls Of today. In an overdraft educating young girls help bring up our economic Society in the long run according to Ruth Levine.

Girls will benefit so much more in today life by receiving a secondary education. It’s already known to us that by maternal extinct we teach our daughters more housekeeping and maternal acts. I other countries were young girls have to give up school because of hygienic reason. This show they Have higher rate of pregnancy because had to drop out of school. Certain studies show that the higher the education the lower the desire of a family size. Other studies show that the higher the education women allainment at birth and death rates between a womens year of schooling.

An understanding of the widespread about values of girls an education. There has been impressive gain toward higher levels of education. Primary school rates have improved by 17% the author states. There is an overall good hearings about these girls progress they must be tempered by realism. And must recognize that the goal is not to have girls and boys be equally bad. There is still a large number precedent countries far from the target of developing MDG (Millennium Development Goals) deadline. In which the author for sees to be in 2015 these outer countries schooling should be up to date with the times. Thus as of now falling just three years short of the deadline. But the author also show this timeline from 2000.

Ruth Levine estimates that 104-121 million of children are not in primary school. Low levels of enrollment and completion are concentrated on not only in certain regions, but also among certain segments of population. Beyond the primary school enrollment and completion trends, a complex problem...
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