Economic Tool and Concepts

Topics: Supply and demand, Health care, Nursing Pages: 4 (1132 words) Published: August 31, 2013
Economic Tool and Concepts
August 19, 2013

Economic Tool and Concepts
The health care industry has been experience for many century the shortage of nurses. It is perceive by the health care industry the shortage of nursing supply than the demand across the country. The demand for nurses in every health care organization growth in a daily basic as the technology advance. The consumers are always demanding for more personalize and quality of health care services at the time they are seeking for health care delivery creating nurses supply to be less in every health organization. A few probable reasons for nursing shortage within the health care industry can be the number of nurses in the workforce with a close retiring date, immigrated nurses from other country that works under constrained work permit, and also the population growth. As population increase the requirement for health care providers and services the growth of nursing and medical providers’ shortage will be notable. According to Getzen (2007), “There has recently been a growing recognition that instead of a surplus, a future shortage of physicians may occur. Since the number of U.S. medical graduates has not kept pace with the growth in U.S. population” (Chapter 7, p. 161). The nursing shortage and medical providers has become extremely demanded within the health care industry to provide a quality of health care. The following information will define economic concepts such as supply curve, demand curve, marginal analysis, and elasticity. According to Caron (2004), “Currently, the emerging shortage of RN’sposes a real threat to the nation’s health care system. RN’s are the single largest group of health care professionals in the U.S., buttressing the entire health care delivery system” (para. 1).

Supply and Demand Curve
Supply and demand curve are an important factor in determinate the amount of registered nurses in need to deliver a quality services to high demand of...

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