Economic Issues Simulation Paper

Topics: Health economics, Health insurance, Health maintenance organization Pages: 4 (1132 words) Published: November 28, 2011
Economic Issues Simulation Paper

Milagros García


November 9th, 2011

Professor Larry Gonzales

Health Care Plan Issues

Today’s workplace has expanded with a variety of men and women working for different businesses throughout the United States. The increase of working men and women has brought successful businesses to thrive and meet company’s needs and goals. Employers offer hourly or salary wages to his or her employees and may also include benefits. Every business must have insurance for the company just in case something was to happen, such as a fire, a break in, employee injury or accident. Companies also provide employees health benefits, but the company must choose and decide to work with a health insurance company that will accommodate the company’s needs, meet standard requirements, and be affordable. It is important that business owners meet with his or her health insurance provider company to organize a plan that is manageable and that will profit both the employer and the insurance company. Health Care is a goods and service that all individuals demand and with the use of economics it helps broaden the issue of the choices that are made by those individuals when it comes to health insurance. Many individuals use health maintenance organizations, also known as HMO’s, as their preferred health insurance plan. This type of plan is chosen by the company that will be receiving those services and can choose or decline services based on his or her employee information. As a representative of Castor insurance I will discuss the chosen company, its potential utilization, and why it was chosen against the other company being offered.

The History of Castor Insurance

Castor Collins health plans started in the year 1999 in the state of Pantome. This HMO plan provides health care services to those individuals that enroll through the plans statewide network, which are usually through the help of physicians and hospitals. It currently...

References: University of Phoenix (2010) the Financing of Health Care: Understanding Economic Issues for
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