Early View of Syrian Crisis

Topics: United Nations, Kofi Annan, Syria Pages: 2 (747 words) Published: September 9, 2013
The threat posed by intra-state conflicts to global peace in the international system calls for a change in mandatory procedure of international organizations (IO’s) or relevant regional organizations which would see their duties extended beyond peace keeping to peace enforcement in countries in crisis such as Syria. The international system is a collective term that refers to an aggregate of comparable or varied entities that are united by regular interactions that set them apart from other systems. It is therefore the unity of states into a society with one another. In this society, all states are considered to be sovereign. The society has its social hierarchy’s as some states are more powerful and economically stable than others. The society has a number of rules and formal protocols as to how things should be done. Through mans development over the millennia, thus the international system has evolved and progressed with humanity. From ancient imperialism to feudalism in the middle-ages and kept developing until the present system was established in 1648 called the treaty of Westphalia. This came as European Imperialism paved the way for contemporary international systems. International systems thus consist primarily of relations among nation-states. Apart from nation-states, the international system has a society of international organisations which are vital to the peace and stability of the international system. These also include non-state organisations which have the responsibility of resolving violent conflicts between states. Since these Non-Government Organizations came to form they have had their share of success and short comings in relation to their role in the international system post the cold war era. An example of these NGOs would be the United Nations. International Organisations have succeeded in achieving peace and security in majority of the world. The communication and cooperation from one state to another has improved in quality. They...
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