Early Police Community and their Focus on Minority Communities

Topics: Drug addiction, Crime, Addiction Pages: 1 (437 words) Published: October 31, 2012
My analysis on the early police community and their focus on minority communities concluded with the understanding that these minority areas were and still are a prominent area when speaking on poverty and crime so of course focusing on these areas would be crucial to crime prevention. Though these minority areas that are dealing with poverty “may” have a negative impact on people in these areas and influence them in ways that a suburban area “probably” would not, they still are not the only areas heavily infested with crime. Though these high crime rates and criminals may be primarily migrating towards these areas of poverty or already residing in these areas of poverty, there is still more research and elaboration that must be done on this topic of analysis. It is true that areas full of poverty and oppression may challenge some and alter ones thinking eventually making it hard for some to think rationally and doing negative impulsive acts. For instance, rather than finding a job to pay bills and feed ones family one might sell drugs to drug addicts, not caring who they are hurting when selling those drugs, or maybe one will rob a neighbor’s house who they knew for many years, just to support an habit or addiction. These were and still are instances related to and happening inside of poverty oppressed minority group areas which is why most of the earlier focus from the police community relations programs was on the minority community. It is now a new day in age and crime is something that is occurring in every state, city, town, street or sub division in America and it makes no sense for the police community to be biased towards one area seeing that crime is now advanced and prevalent all around. I do feel that more focus should be based in the minority community because a lot of kids in minority areas are living in these single parent households or drug dealing/ addict household and the influence on these children can be quite negative and can have a...
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