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The First Committee of the General Assembly: Disarmament and International Security A Letter From the Chair:
Hello, and welcome to the third Waubonsie Model UN conference. My name is Dawn Cronin, and I will be your chair for DISEC this year. This is my third year of Model UN, and my first time chairing a committee. Along with world affairs, I am also involved in youth and government, marching band, soccer and Irish dance. It will be expected of you to write a position paper regarding your country’s view. This should include information that you have researched, as this background guide is just a starting point for you. I look forward to spending a day full of debating with you all!

History of the Committee
The Disarmament and International Security council’s primary goal is maintaining and promoting peace between nations. DISEC’s focus is to try to resolve international security problems, and disarm and prevent aggressive acts. The powers of DISEC are limited to what is stated in the UN charter in Chapter V. There are 192 member states, and a few observer groups. DISEC cannot declare war, or force any group or country to act on a resolution. Despite this, DISEC plays an important role in maintaining peace between countries, as it represents a unified view on a certain point. In the past, DISEC has been the debating ground for important issues dealing with the Cold War, and nuclear disarmament. It is the goal that we will form a resolution on our topics, with an agreement between the member states. This resolution may be presented to the Security Council, who will take action need be. Topic Area A

Cyber Warfare
Statement of the problem
As the digital age progresses and computers become more prominent, the issue of cyber security comes into question. Governments have taken measures to make guidelines and laws regarding computer hacking within their own countries, but what can they do about issues dealing...
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