Developing World in International Relations

Topics: United Nations, Soviet Union, Developing country Pages: 4 (1291 words) Published: December 19, 2012
Zaiko Ruslan
Developing world in international relations
The history of international relations has been focused on the actions and policies of the great powers. Great power policies were the coordinators of international relations for centuries for many reasons, but globalization is beginning to change this and lead to a new look at the world. One is the increasing attention to the problems of the third world and their importance in international relations. Problems such as poverty and colonialism have been studied, many scientists are beginning to have an impact on most of the disciplines of international relations. One of the key aspects of these theories explains why it took so long to issues such as these need to be studied and become important subject. There are many reasons why little attention was paid to the interests and priorities of the Third World. The fact is that most of international relations scholars are not from the third world, but from the industrialized West, the first nations that have dominated in international relations for so long. As nations become more developed, such as Brazil or South Africa, it started to move, but a great advantage of developed countries in the number of universities, professors, journals and conferences has made it very difficult for scientists from the South and other third-world countries to get legitimacy with their new ideas and methods of looking at the world. On this same note of imperialism and colonialism in the developed countries has made it very difficult for alternative thinking and scholarship occur in many Third World countries are until recently. The established view of international relations and almost any other area of the scientific community was extremely Eurocentric and provided to ignore the point of view of other people. Although there are universities in most third world countries, most of them were created by European countries and until recently, almost all the professors had to...
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