Determining Factors Influencing Health Seeking Behaviours of Youth in Km

Topics: Health, Health care, Medicine Pages: 7 (2073 words) Published: April 2, 2013
To Determine the Health Seeking Behaviors among the youth in Kiwanja Market.


Kipyego K. George Serem


A research proposal in partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for the Award of the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Public Health in the Department of Nursing Sciences, School of Health Sciences of Kenyatta University

March 2013

This research proposal is my original work and has not been presented elsewhere for the award of degrees or any other academic purpose. Signature………………….. Date…………………………. Name: Kipyego K. George Serem

Registration number: P30/ 0641/2009
This research proposal is being submitted for review with my approval by the University Supervisor. Sign………………………. Date…………………………….. Ms. Grace Gachuiri
Department of Nursing sciences

This work I dedicate this work to my mother Jane , my sister Jerop, my supervisor Ms. Gachuiri, my mentor Mrs. Ngotie and all my friends who have helped me a great deal in developing a research topic and coming up with this research proposal and more so for the spiritual and psychological support.

The successful coming up of this research topic and proposal would not have been possible with my individual effort were it not for the contribution of various individuals. I would like to thank my supervisor and mentor, Ms. Gachuiri and Mrs. Ngotie respectively for their patience, understanding, advice and guidance during the proposal writing process. Moreover, I would like to thank my loving mother and sister for their financial, moral and spiritual support during the developing of this research proposal. I also appreciate the input of my fellow students and friends for their invaluable assistance, and finally, and most important is to thank God for life, strength and Knowledge he has given to me.

AIHWAustralian institute of health and welfare
AIDSAcquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
CEDAWConvention on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women CRC Convention on the Rights of the Child
HIV Human Immune-deficiency Virus
ICPD International Conference and Development
KUKenyatta University
KMKiwanja Market
MDGs Millennium Development Goals
MOMS Ministry of Medical Services
MOPHS Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation
UNUnited Nation
WHO World Health Organization
YFS Youth Friendly Services

Most people believe that health is just the mere absence of disease or infirmity. During my studies in class together with the clinical placements I have taken part in since first year, I came to realize that most people spend a lot of time and money is seeking to treat diseases they are suffering from and others to manage the effects following a recovery from a disease. But then I wondered why very few people spent their time and money in searching for promotive and preventive health services which are cheaper and less time is spent seeking it. Furthermore some governmental and nongovernmental organizations have come up with programs that provide free services for health prevention and promotion but it is under-utilized an example of this is the Youth Friendly Services. Many of the diseases that people suffer at old age are mostly preventable in young age and that’s why I decided to research on health behaviors among youth in KM. All commonly used terms as adolescents, teenagers, youth, young adults, refer to young people who have begun, but not completed, the journey to adulthood – often defined in terms of independence that comes with employment, marriage and/ or establishing one’s own home (ICD-10, 10th revision, in use by WHO since 1994)) World Health Organization defines youth as “persons between 15 and 24 years and young...
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