Determinants Of Patients Satisfaction With Health Care System In 20 12 2014

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The Aga Khan University

Community Health Sciences

Department of Community Health Sciences

June 2012

Determinants of patient's satisfaction with health
care system in Pakistan: a critical review
Maliha Naseer
Aga Khan University

Aysha Zahidie
Aga Khan University

Babar Tasneem Shaikh
Health Services Academy

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Recommended Citation
Naseer, M., Zahidie, A., Shaikh, B. T. (2012). Determinants of patient's satisfaction with health care system in Pakistan: a critical review. Pakistan Journal of Public Health, 2(2), 52-61.
Available at:

Pakistan Journal of Public Health, 2012 (June)

Review Article

Pak J Public Health Vol. 2, No. 2, 2012

Determinants of patient's satisfaction with health care system in Pakistan: A critical review.
Maliha Naseer1, Aysha Zahidie1, Babar Tasneem Shaikh2

Department of Community Health Sciences, Aga Khan University, Karachi. 2Health Systems and Policy Department, Health Services Academy, Islamabad. (Correspondence to Naseer M: Abstract:

Patient satisfaction with health care services is considered an important factor of quality health care. Although research on patient satisfaction has become standard in many developed country, in countries such as Pakistan the concept of patient satisfaction is still relatively neglected. This study aimed to find out the determinants of patient satisfaction from existing literature in Pakistan.The literature search was carried out by using the database of Medscape, Medline, PakMedinet and PubMed, without any language restriction using MeSH words as “patient satisfaction AND health care system in Pakistan” and “Determinants of patient satisfaction AND Pakistan”. Twenty-one articles were found which discussed the concept of patient satisfaction and its determinants with health care system in Pakistan and other developing countries. Variable level of patient satisfaction with health care services was identified in literature review, more with private hospitals as compared to public hospitals and health care providers. Patient experiences and their expectations with health care services were found to be important determinant of patient satisfaction in Pakistan. Young age, female gender, literacy and high social class are few patient characteristics influencing level of patient satisfaction. In addi tion lack of privacy, autonomy, involvement in decision making, poor communication, and sanitation/hygiene leads to bad patient experience hence decreased satisfaction. This review highlights the complex and interrelated determinants of patient satisfaction with health care system in Pakistan. Prompt attention to patients' expectations, enhancing responsiveness of health care system and consideration of patient's perceptions is of utmost importance to increase patient satisfaction outcomes. (Pak J Public Health 2012;2(2):56-61)

Keywords: Patient satisfaction, Health care system in Pakistan, Determinants of patient satisfaction, Pakistan.

Every country has its own health care system to cater
specific health care needs of its population in a unique
social and cultural milieu. Main goal of health care system
is to deliver equitable, effective and accessible health care services to enhance patient satisfaction (1). The patient or customer's satisfaction is a multidimensional and broader
concept taking into account the individual perceptions,
expectations and experience together (2). Satisfaction is a
subjective feeling in which a person compares his/her own
assessment (i.e. experience) of available health care with
his/her expectations and it is defined as “health care
recipient's reaction to salient aspects of his or her...
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