Destin Brass Products Co

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Destin Brass Products Co. Case Study
Destin Brass Products Co. has been established and grown to produce valves (24% of the company revenue), pumps (55% of the company revenue), and flow controllers (21% of the company revenue). This paper will illustrate the recommended solutions for the management of the company that are trying to evaluate the competitive trends of the market for the mentioned products, and trying to start new strategies to deal with these trends. Finance and accounting, as mentioned by Ambler (2008) are the essentials and basis to the short and long existence of any type of companies. The high competitiveness of market requires that all types of businesses have a comprehensive understanding to the costs and profits in much detail in order to facilitate decision making process. In Destin Brass case, the company tried to establish a high brand name for producing the valves, but later as an expansion to the business, the company included two new product lines which are the pumps and the flow controllers keeping in mind the similarities of productions and the availability of the productions capacity. Destin Brass did not have a distinguished competitor in the valves market because of the high quality of the valves produced, but there is a massive competition in the pump and flow controllers market. This paper will capture a time of the company business where there is a high competition on the pumps' prices and the solution of increasing the prices of the flow controllers did not change the market. The management is in need to reconsider its financial strategy in order to face competition. The financial analysis

After evaluating the current financial situation of Destin Brass, The analysis hereby will collaborate to answer the management questions, and examples of the below solutions had been used by business and it proved to have an influence of decision making process regarding the company strategy. The solutions are as follows: Product costs...
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