Department of Health Programs

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1. Adolescent and Youth Health Program (AYHP)
2. Botika Ng Barangay (BnB)
3. Breastfeeding TSEK
4. Blood Donation Program
5. Child Health and Development Strategic Plan Year 2001-2004 6. CHD Scorecard
7. Committee of Examiners for Undertakers and Embalmers
8. Committee of Examiners for Massage Therapy (CEMT)
9. Climate Change
10. Dental Health Program
11. Emerging and Re-emerging Infectious Disease Program
12. Environmental Health
13. Expanded Program on Immunization
14. Essential Newborn Care
15. Family Planning
16. Food and Waterborne Diseases Prevention and Control Program 17. Food Fortification Program
18. Garantisadong Pambata
19. Human Resource for Health Network
20. Health Development Program for Older Persons - (Bureau or Office: National Center for Disease Prevention and Control ) 21. Health Development Program for Older Persons - R.A. 7876 (Senior Citizens Center Act of the Philippines) 22. Health Development Program for Older Persons (Global Movement for Active Ageing (Global Embrace 1999)) 23. Health Development Program for Older Persons - R.A. 7432 (An Act to Maximize the Contribution of Senior Citizens to Nation Building, Grant Benefits and Special Privileges) 24. Health and Well-being of Older Persons

25. Infant and Young Child Feeding (IYCF)
26. Iligtas sa Tigdas ang Pinas
27. Inter Local Health Zone
28. Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (IMCI)
29. Knock Out Tigdas 2007
30. Leprosy Control Program
31. LGU Scorecard
32. Licensure Examinations for Paraprofessionals Undertaken by the Department of Health 33. Malaria Control Program
34. Measles Elimination Campaign (Ligtas Tigdas)
35. National Tuberculosis Control Program
36. Natural Family Planning
37. National Filariasis Elimination Program
38. National Rabies Prevention and Control Program
39. Newborn Screening
40. National HIV/STI Prevention Program
41. National Mental Health Program
42. National Dengue Prevention and Control Program
43. National Prevention of Blindness Program
44. Occupational Health Program
45. Persons with Disabilities
46. Pinoy MD Program
47. Province-wide Investment Plan for Health (PIPH)
48. Philippine Medical Tourism Program
49. Provision of Potable Water Program (SALINTUBIG Program - Sagana at Ligtas na Tubig Para sa Lahat) 50. Rural Health Midwives Placement Program (RHMPP) / Midwifery Scholarship Program of the Philippines (MSPP) 51. Schistosomiasis Control Program

52. Soil Transmitted Helminth Control Program
53. Smoking Cessation Program
54. Urban Health System Development (UHSD) Program
55. Unang Yakap (Essential Newborn Care: Protocol for New Life) 56. Violence and Injury Prevention Program
57. Women's Health and Safe Motherhood Project
58. Women and Children Protection Program

1. Adolescent and Youth Health Program (AYHP)

established in 2001 under the oversight of the Department of Health in partnership with other government agencies with adolescent concerns and other stakeholdres. is targeting youth ages 10–24

provides comprehensive implementation guidelines for youth-friendly comprehensive health care and services on multiple levels—national, regional, provincial/city, and municipal. is solidly achored on International and laws, passages and polices meant to address adolescent’s health concerns. operating within the facets and adolescents and youth health that includes disability, mental and environmental health, reproductive and sexuality, violence and injury prevention and among others. address sexual and reproductive health issues likewise adopts gender-sensitive approaches. Guidelines cover service delivery, IEC, training, research and information collection, monitoring and evaluation, and quality assurance.

2. Botika Ng Barangay (BnB)

refers to a drug outlet managed by a legitimate community organization (CO) / non-government organization (NGO) and/or the Local Government...
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