Demographic Paper:: the Aging Population's Health

Topics: Health care, Medicine, Public health Pages: 3 (1106 words) Published: November 14, 2011
Demographic Paper

Demographic Paper:
The Aging Population’s Health
By: Geneva D. Byrd
Instructor: Angela Neale
October 3, 2011

Since entering into the new millennium, The United States has been challenged with the meeting of many demands of our aging population. The increasing of health costs, financing and delivery of healthcare for the older population, and the worries about health care quality is a serious challenge for health care, in current demographic trends. Health care is researched and this is needed to help the aging population benefit from the advances in clinical, biomedical, and behavioral research. Chronic diseases affect aging adults, which contributes to the diminishment of life, disability and the increase the cost of long term health care. The number of older individuals is expected to increase in number and this will affect the penalties for public health, delivery systems, health care financing, informal caregiving, and pension systems. In some Countries, much more attention is given to the aging population, and an extensive number of these individuals and growing amount of chronic disease will place tension on resources in countries where simple public health concerns are yet to be tackled fully. (S. Jacobzone, 2000) The patient monitoring market will potentially grow because of the costs of managing the aging patients. The increase in the aging population will end in the increase requirement for health care services in general, and this includes monitoring devices. Remote patient monitoring segments and Tele-health will be needed more with in-patient care units to extensive applications in hospitals, and ambulatory care. “The expanding incidence and diagnosis of diabetes will promote greater precautionary testing and data acquisition from patient monitors into paperless charting systems (EMR’s)” (S. Munshi, 2008). The usage of Electronic Medical Record’s will not only be a great driver for spending in the patient...

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