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tions Academy Model United Na
odel United Nations Academy M
nited Nations Academy Model U
cademy Model United Nations
del United Nations Academy Mo

 ations Academy Model United





Delegate Guide
General Information and Strategy Guide



Delegate Guide
2014 Academy Model United Nations Secretariat

Secretary General
Erin Sulovari

Chargé d’Affaires
Danielle Rifkin

Directors of Internal Affairs
Kunj Jain
Rachel Lauren

Joint Crisis Committee Directors
Matthew Lemash
Yarema Hryvnak

Directors of Crisis
Joshua Meier
Veronique Falkovich

Directors of External Affairs
Parth Patel
Sue Ahn

Directors of Operations
Amitoj Sawhney
Danny Kim

Director of Marketing
Ji Yoon Lee

Director of Fundraising
Rachel Boutom

Academy Model United Nations Delegate Guide, Fifteenth Edition, Abridged ©2001–2014, Bergen County Academies, Hackensack, New Jersey Author

Nir Harish

Secretariat Member, AMUN 2001


Kevin Lee

Secretariat Member, AMUN 2008


Samuel Rosenblum

Secretariat Member, AMUN 2012


Erin Sulovari

Secretary-General, AMUN 2014

Secretary General

Erin Sulovari

AMUN 2014

Thank You

The Editor and the AMUN Conference Staff wish to express their deepest thanks to Mr. Mark Kramer and Mrs. Andrea Buccino, the advisors of AMUN, whose tireless efforts have propelled all of our ideas into a genuinely unique and productive conference.


Mr. Russell Davis, Principal, Bergen County Academies
Dr. Raymond Bath, Vice Principal, Bergen County Academies
All Support and Custodial Staff of the Bergen County Academies

Major References

YMUN XXVIII Delegate Guide
WAMUNC III Delegate Guide
United Nations Website (

First Edition: 1999

Academy Model United Nations 2014

Delegate Guide


Delegations to the Academy Model United Nations 2014 Conference may photocopy and distribute this guide to delegates and advisors. Excerption from this guide is allowed, provided that each excerpt is accompanied by a reference. All other rights reserved.

Academy Model United Nations 2014



Delegate Guide

Dear Delegates and Advisors:
Welcome, and thank you for coming to the 2014 Academy Model United Nations conference! AMUN is a conference that seeks to provide a forum for discussion for all debaters, whether they are novices or experienced delegates. The topic papers of each committee should give debaters a thorough understanding of the topic they will be debating. Each and every committee has put together a docket of incredible debate topics, ranging from issues of child soldiers, to national security leaks, to increasing financial support for NATO. Our four joint crisis committees represent historical cabinets involved in the tumultuous Fall of the Roman Empire. Foresight and retrospection is essential to negotiation in all committees, and delegates will be challenged to integrate lessons from the past with insight for the future. We live in difficult times in a rapidly paced world, where new global problems are created more frequently than ever before and where global solutions seem to be harder to negotiate. However, over the course of the Fifteenth Annual Academy Model United Nations (AMUN), I hope that you will work to find solutions to the wide array of international issues. In this delegate guide, you will find the guidelines for debate. It includes rules of Model U.N., as well as instructions on Position Papers, Working Papers, and Resolutions. All delegates should complete their own individual research on the topics they will be debating prior to the conference. Please refer to this handbook if there are any questions or issues about procedures at AMUN.

The Secretariat and I look forward to communicating with you before and during the...
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