Defining moments of Canada

Topics: Canada, United Nations, Rwandan Genocide Pages: 2 (764 words) Published: January 19, 2014
Battles that changed Canadian history
All these years Canada expanded into a well-built country. Canada has participated in many battles throughout the world and this has changed how Canada was seen. The first defining moment was the battle of Ypres, where Canadian soldiers were the victims of the first gas attack by the Germans. The second defining moment was the liberation of Netherlands, where Dutch people thank Canadians for the concern towards them. The third defining moment was Canada in Rwanda Africa, where heroism was greatly achieved due to the efforts made by the United Nations. Due to all these major events; the battle of Ypres, the liberation of Netherlands and Canada in Rwanda Africa, Canadian soldiers gained reputation.

The battle of Ypres began, during the first week of April 1915 ( Many Canadian’s troops were sent to the city of Ypres. “During the battle German soldiers were advancing fast, they gathered and covered the North, South and East sides”. On April 22th 1915, Germans introduced there new and powerful weapon that can wipe out most soldiers, it was a poison gas ( Many media and people thought that Canadians would have died but many survived and some escaped. The soldiers survived because the leaked on their cloth and covered there face, to survive the gas. During the battle Canadian soldiers would have serious trouble, sometimes there rifle wouldn’t work and get jammed due to the muddy conditions. After a formidable fight, Canadian prime minister received many congrats messages from many countries stating that it was a smart play by the Canadian. Canadian soldiers managed to survive for 48 hours after they were recalled to recruit back ( It was one of the biggest defining moments in Canadian history. Canadians have tremendous respect in Netherlands, all because of one event. It was the liberation of Netherlands. During fall of 1944 to spring allied forces closed and surrounded...

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