cyp 3.3

Topics: Children Act 1989, United Nations, United Kingdom Pages: 1 (272 words) Published: July 21, 2014
1.1 The current legislations, guidelines, policies and procedures that we use within the UK home nation that affects safeguarding off children are, the united nations conventions on the rights off the child 1991, every child matters came into place with the Victoria Kimbe case part off the children's act 2004 that is to do with smacking, state inventions, care order, family relationships, parenting responsibility, and the safeguarding board, and the children act that came into place in 2006 that introduced the EYFS

1.2 Safeguarding also covers all of our safe guarding practises such as wearing an I.D badge, not being alone with a child when changing them, signing in book, CRB checks procedures, safe building, confidentially procedures, health and safety at work act, also having a duty off care toward the children, if we think something is wrong with the child I have a duty off care to report this to my manger.

1.3 Safe guarding off children includes risk assessments for the garden and environment, back doors and stairs being assessed, checking tables and chairs are safe for the children to use, with safe guarding policy we have a book if we have heard or see anything said by a child we have to record down in the book exactly what they said or what we have seen on them and that gets locked away in the mangers draws if anything get repeated again then we would take further action, health and safety, CRB checks, accountabilities so if anything happens to a child whilst in your care you need to take full responsibility, still risk assessing situations at all times when you are with the children.
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