Cybersecurity Resolution

Topics: United Nations, Global Peace Index, Liberal democracies Pages: 12 (3606 words) Published: August 15, 2013
MAIN SUBMITTER: The Kingdom Of Denmark
CO-SUBMITTERS: The State of Japan,
SIGNATORIES: The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, The French Republic, The Republic of the Philippines, Democratic Republic of Algeria, The Russian Federation, The Republic of Croatia, The Republic of India, The Republic of Tunisia, United States of America, The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, The Argentine Republic, The Commonwealth of Australia, The Republic of Azerbajian, The Kingdom of Bahrain, The People’s Republic of Bangladesh, The Kingdom of Belgium, The Federated Republic of Brazil, The Kingdom of Cambodia, Canada, The Republic of Chile, The Republic of Colombia, The Republic of Croatia, The Republic of Cuba, The Czech Republic, The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, The Democratic Republic of Congo, The Arab Republic of Egypt, Georgia, The Federal Republic of Germany, The Republic of Ghana, The Republic of Guatemala, The Republic of Indonesia, The Islamic Republic of Iran, The Republic of Iraq, The Republic of Ireland, The State of Israel, The Italian Republic, Jamaica, The Republic of Kenya, The State of Kuwait, Laos, Libya, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mauritius, Mexico, Morocco, Namibia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Paraguay, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Republic of Korea, Rwanda, Serbia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, Thailand, Togo, Turkey, Uganda, Ukraine, UAE, UK, US, Venezuela


Resolution by the General Assembly
Bearing In Mind previous United Nations resolutions on the issue, such as, but not limited to, A/RES/55/63, A/RES/56/121, A/RES/57/239, A/RES/58/199, A/RES/64/211, and the methods and means in which they deal with the issue, and the obligations placed on member nations,

Deeply concerned that the prevalence of the use of the Internet for terrorist purposes is a rapidly growing phenomenon that will pose as a threat to many other countries Bearing In Mind the UNDOC comprehensive study on cybercrime (released in February 2013), and the methods, approaches and proposals put forth in the report in tackling the issue of cyber security, Recognizing the need for global action to foster international cooperation in order to enhance the global cyber security in order to combat cybercrime,

Noting with appreciation past efforts taken to promote cyber security by the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC)

Acting in accordance to Chapter I and II of the United Nations Charter and in the interest of all member states of the United Nations,

Reaffirming its duty to the world to constantly reform and/or include sub-committees in the United Nations to keep up with and accommodate for various global issues or potential hazards,

Cognizant of the proliferation of media of cyber insecurity such as theft, warfare and terrorism in the recent two decades,

Emphasizing the ineffectiveness of current forms of cyber security to prevent and mitigate such threats,

Keeping in mind, however, that the perpetration of activities that result in cyber insecurity are in some cases essential to certain nations’ (in the interest of their region of responsibility) social, political, or economic stability, such as in the case of terrorism,

Seeking to harmonize national criminal laws pertaining to cyber-crimes, by building upon the objectives of the Budapest Convention,

Bearing in mind that the Budapest Convention on Cyber Crime, at the point of time during which this resolution is being written, has 50 signatories who have already agreed to and have expressed their interest in participating in a process to harmonize such laws

Recognizing the sovereignty of all countries and states worldwide, ensuring that no part of this reform will be in any way trespassing or disregarding the sovereignty of any and all states,

1. Encourages all members of the UN to assist in the fight against cyber insecurity...
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