Topics: Modus operandi, Poverty, Homelessness Pages: 1 (420 words) Published: March 22, 2013
Kevin M. Macheca
We cannot refuse to admit the existing truth that our country comprises the so-called severe or unpleasant instances that outranged and upsets billions of people. It’s a big smack on everybody’s face if this public argument will unresolved forth-with. Cyber-beggars, well, what comes out in our mind when somebody asked you about this controversy? Is destitution and state of living the motive why some Filipinos are known for it or the government who mind first their personal interest? Cyber-beggars or internet panhandlers are people who begged using online version of customary begging and asking strangers for their wealth. Some hopeless people make their e-mail accounts and some networking sites to obtain parcel of money inorder to raise them up from the twist of life -“POVERTY”. They say, Cyber-begging is just like a beauty contest that requires beauty, pleasing personality, wits and body. Why? because a certain entity never become successful for just a blink of an eye if she don’t have this genre of qualification. The victims of this circumstance are the foreigners and some extraterrestrial people. This modus operandi is very familiar and occurs many times at short interval in some urban places. Behind the scene are the people who cannot afford financially to their studies, who don’t know how to lift upright their family, who loved performing sexual intercourse, etc. These are many nowadays here in our society. Is corruption the nucleus and the main cause of this social problem? Why? Desperately yes, because one can make a mortal sin by doing such thing. In addition to that, they do this as their routine in their day-to-day living. Who among you people do this thing? Are you one of the old politicos who once deaf in performing some actions when someone complains for this? Another slap will pass into your face if you are just all-ears in this public concern. Damn those people who do and willing to act dishonesty in return for...
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