Culture and Heritage of Bangladesh

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1.Human being is the God's best creation. So is the Human Resource (HR), the best of all the resources that a country might possess. 'People' is one of the four constituents of any state, without it there would be no state. As the number of the people goes high, the state also becomes wealthier, provided that, this resource is managed properly to suite the requirement of the state or the country. HR is however the most important resource of any country. Like any other resource HR is also to be utilized amicably for the economic and overall development of any country. Otherwise, this may in turn become a burden instead of an asset of a country. Population is treated as a problem, but is the only prime capital of Bangladesh.[1] This is the only asset that many rich countries do not have.

2. Bangladesh is the one of the most populous countries of the world. From the early days in the history, it was a land of everybody's desire. Many Kings and Emperors invaded this country attracted by it's comfortable weather and fertile landmasses. This was considered to be one of the most attractive places to the people who never returned back to their own land once stepped into Bangladesh. As the land is very fertile and it is very easy to produce crop, people were lazy and had to work less for their cultivation. Over the years the population increased much rapidly and at present it is the most densely populated country in the world. Bangladesh is also one of the poorest countries in the world. Various reasons are involved for this. One of the prominent reasons is the frequent change of the political powers. With the change of the government the policy is also changed and HR was never effectively utilized in this country. Therefore, at present HR seems to be a burden instead of a wealth. It is obvious that, proper management and effective utilization of HR would be viable for the economic development of Bangladesh.

3.This paper shall discuss about the HR of Bangladesh, it's policy for the development, prospects of its use in various sectors. It will also discuss the viability of exporting HR and its contribution to the economic development of Bangladesh.


4.The aim of this paper is to examine the prospect of the utilization of HR for the economic development of Bangladesh and make recommendations for HR development.


5.General. Bangladesh is one of the least developed countries in the world. It is also one of the most densely populated countries (755 persons per square kilometre) with limited resources. Total population is 111.4 million (Census 1991). The GDP per capita is only taka 12,240 one of the lowest in the world. About 45% of the people live below the absolute poverty line. The economy and the development programmes mostly dependent on the foreign aid, which was taka 63.1 billion in 1996 - 1997.[2]

6.Socio Economic Structure.There are three main classes of people in the society, the rich, the middle class and the poor. About 20% of the total population live in the urban areas where as the rest live in the villages. The people are of mixed races and religions. As the economy is agro based, most of the people are directly or indirectly involved in agriculture centric occupation (78.8%).[3]

7.Reasons for Poor Economic Conditions. Bangladesh has a history of struggling through the ages. In the long past the people were economically well off. The British ruled the land from the mid eighteenth century to mid twentieth century. After the British left the country, the West Pakistani rulers followed the British and hardly paid any attention to the economic development of this country. There was no infrastructure built till the independence in 1971. After the independence, the new government faced a lot of crisis. The governments also changed frequently due to the...
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