Critique: Health Care Provider and Patient Education Pamphlet

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Critique of Health Education
Most patients forget 40 percent of what their physicians told them (Lay, 1985) To improve compliance and retain information written educational and informational materials are “an important and potentially useful means to complement verbal instructions, assure that consent for tests and procedures is informed, and enhance compliance with treatment ‘ (Zion & Aiman, 1989). However, most often health care provides are faced with challenges to determine which written educational information materials are suitable for their patients. The purpose of this critique is using the Suitability Assessment of Material (SAM) to evaluate a written patient health educational material found in Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology of Canada (SOGC) website with URL address The critique will be focusing on its content, literacy demand, graphics, layout, typography, learning stimulation, motivation, and cultural appropriateness. Further, the Fry Readability Formula will be utilized to critique the readability of this patient education pamphlet comparing it’s readability level with that recommended by health education experts. Content

According to SAM criteria found in (Rankin, Stallings, & London, 2005), any health information materials should clearly state their intent and purpose so that health care consumers will pay attention to the given information and will not miss out the main points. In this patient education pamphlet under critique, the intended purpose is not clearly stated, although it is implied that the information provided is to teach women about endometriosis, its symptoms and available treatment. On the other hand, this pamphlet provides brief statistical information, and focuses more on application of knowledge aimed at the desirable readers (women of reproductive age). Therefore, the content is appropriate for the intended audience. Further, the scope of information provided...
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