criticism on communication theories

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The view of development as a replica of the systems of the change agents The change agents defined development as a replica of their own systems. For example, during the cold war, the USA was defining development as the replica of its own political-economic system and opening the way for the transnational corporations. At the same time, the developing countries saw the ‘welfare state’ of the North Atlantic Nations as the ultimate goal of development. These nations were attracted by the new technology transfer and the model of a centralized state with careful economic planning and centrally directed development bureaucracies for agriculture, education and health as the most effective strategies to catch up with those industrialized countries.

The indigenous attitudes of people from developing societies are viewed as obstacles to development. In an attempt to evolve all the societies to a common point, the attitudes of ‘backward’ people—their “traditionalism, bad taste, superstition, fatalism, etc.”—which are viewed as barriers have to be removed. The differences among nations are explained in terms of the degree of development rather than the fundamental nature of each.

The measure of progress was only denoted in quantifiable criteria. In fact, Everett Rogers (1976:124) writes that although: “India, China, Persia, and Egypt were old, old centers of civilization ... that though their rich cultures had in fact provided the Basis for contemporary Western Cultures ... their family life displayed a warmer intimacy and their artistic triumphs were greater, that was not development. This is because it could not be measured in dollars and cents”

The process is expensive and time consuming
This approach assumed that there were necessary and available resources to bring about change

Assumption of a willing target audience
This approach assumed that in those areas where the change agents meant to bring about development,...
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