creating social program

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Creating a Social Program

Calhoun County, Michigan only has one homeless shelter in the area to help women, men and children that are homeless. The economy in Michigan is not the greatest and factories and different businesses are closing. The different businesses and factories are finding that it is cheaper to have their business or factory down south, in Mexico, or overseas. One example of this would be that a Pharmaceutical company has found that by moving its head quarters to Greenland will be cheaper for the business by paying less on Michigan taxes but to keep their production plant in Michigan. Another example is that Kellogg’s cereal plant has moved most of its production to Mexico. Mexico has cheaper taxes and the labor is cheaper. While businesses and different factories are moving their business out of Michigan they have hurt Michigan’s economy. Many people have lost their jobs because of businesses and factories closing and moving. The job market in Michigan is scarce and many jobs require either experience or a college degree. Since many people have lost their jobs because of factories and businesses closing then many people are not able to pay their bills and many people end up homeless in the area. “Calhoun County, Michigan is 709 square miles and has a population of 137,785 people and there are 194.6 people per square mile in the county.” (1) The county has one homeless shelter and the county is over 700 square miles. Many people that are homeless have to travel for miles in order to get to the homeless shelter to get help. Many more homeless shelters need to be established in order to help more people so that they do not have to travel so far for help. Many homeless people end up living in the woods, in cars, or under bridges. Many homeless people end up holding up signs asking for help from other people for food or money. Many signs have read will work for food, homeless and hungry please help God bless. There are many homeless people that stand on the side of the road holding up signs waiting for cars to stop to help with food or money. Sometimes a person will stand or sit for hours each day hoping to get help from someone. Since Calhoun County, Michigan is a wide distance of over 700 square miles then a homeless shelter needs to be strategically placed in the county which is easily accessible to people. The homeless shelter needs to be big enough to help many people and families. The shelter needs to be in a very good location where people are able to walk to stores and are close to the bus stops. Location is very important when deciding where to open a homeless shelter to help people. A commercial building is for sale which was used as a licensed day care center. The building is located in Calhoun County in Marshall, Michigan. The building is located 14 miles from the only existing homeless shelter in the Calhoun County area. The building offers many possibilities of being able to be open as a homeless shelter to help many people in need. The building was built in 2006 and it is only 7 years old. The building has newer building materials and is up to code and has many smoke detectors and fire extinguishers. The walls and ceiling are insulated very well to help with heating bills in the cold months for the winter and for cooling in the summer. The newer windows also help with heating and cooling bills. Newer windows will not leak and will keep in the heat or air conditioning to lower the electric and gas bill. A well for drinking water, cooking, washing clothes, and taking showers is on the property with a septic system. A well and septic will save money on a water and sewer bill every month. The newer furnace for heat is more efficient and will help on saving money on a gas and electric bill. A central air conditioner is included with the building which is only 7 years old and is very energy efficient to save money on the electric bill....

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