costing at pepe denim case analysis

Topics: Costs, Cost accounting, Cost Pages: 2 (567 words) Published: September 30, 2013
Abstract: This case discusses a business situation in which the profits of Pepe Denim, a jeans manufacturer in India, declined despite consistency in the sales of jeans, because of competition from other similar products. Competition led to a reduction in the selling price and rise in cost, resulted in decreasing profits. 

In such a situation, the company decided to add two new product lines - Denim Handbags and Denim Skirts - which would require the same type of raw material and the same labor. 

The case study helps us understand and analyze the decision to add two new products lines on the basis of a comparison of cost and profit before and after the introduction of new products. 

With this, the case study gives enough scope to derive different cost concepts like full cost, direct and indirect cost, elements of product cost, different kinds of overheads, and last, how to calculate the total cost of a product.

Pedagogical Objectives:
 Understand the concept of full cost, various items of cost like direct and indirect cost, elements of product cost and period costs, and different kinds of overheads.   Understand how to calculate prime cost, factory cost, cost of production, and finally cost of sales or total sales.   Discuss and debate on the company’s decision to add new product lines.  Keywords : Costing; Sales; Valuation; Overheads; Profits; Denim; Work-in-progress; Wages; Bad Debt; Products; General Charges

Full Costs and their Uses
is a measurement, in monetary terms the amount of resources used for some purpose may be defined as a sacrifice or giving up of resources for a particular purpose. are frequently measured by the monetary units that must be paid for goods and services.

Three Important Ideas for Costs
1.Cost measures the use of resources.
*The cost elements of producing a tangible good or intangible services are physical quantities of materials, hours of labor service and quantities of other...
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