Cost Sheet

Topics: Cost accounting, Supply chain management terms, Raw material Pages: 6 (1348 words) Published: July 31, 2013

Nothing can be done in individually. We are indebted to a number of people for their kind advice, suggestion, direction, and co-operation.

First of all, we would like to thank Almighty Allah, as we have become able to complete our assignment appropriately and suitably.

We are really grateful to our teacher for giving us an opportunity to gather some practical experience. We are grateful to Banoful & Co. for allow us to industrial visit in their production house. We are also grateful to Mr. Ataur Rahman, the production manager of Banoful & Co. who gave us the information related to this assignment. Thanks to Rashed Bhai who helped us to arrange the industrial visit and also thanks to our group members for their co-operation & contribution in the assignment.

Objectives of the Assignment

As a student of Business Administration every student should go for field work. This is our first field work to done this assignment. The purpose of this assignment is to gather practical experience. By this assignment one can know about the costing system of a company. How a company manages their cost, whether they follow the accounting system or not- to know this, is the prime objective of this assignment. By gathering the cost information of a company one can analyze it and also can give suggestions to improve their costing system for more profit.

Figure: Objectives of the assignment

Behind this assignment, obviously there have some objectives which must have to be fulfilled. These are- To know about costing system.
To know how a company manages their cost.
To gather practical experience.
To know whether a company follows the accounting system or not. To analyze the costing system.


For the successful accomplishment of assignment on the topic, Costing System of a company, we have used different sources and methods for collecting and analyzing data. These are- Visited several industries to collect data.

Production manager interview for gathering information of costing system. Use a questionnaire which contains questions related to costing system. Visited a showroom of that company to collect basic information.


During this assignment we face several limitations these are- Every production company which we had visited does not want to give any actual information so we use here estimated figure. The office staffs are too busy to give us sufficient time. There are limited industries in Sylhet to choose.

We do not get enough time to complete this assignment. Moreover we face several strikes from the time when the assignment was given to complete the assignment. Since it is a practical assignment, we face several hindrances when we went for the industrial visit. There is lack of information in internet of the company which is placed in Sylhet.

Introduction of Banoful & Company

Banoful & company Ltd is a food & beverage company which is well equipped by modern machinery imported from Italy & India. By using the most advanced machinery Banoful & Co Ltd now able to produce 15000 ton per year of different kind of confectionary, bakery and snacks etc. Now 2000 work force are employed to meet up the ultimate customer satisfaction along with to smooth the production process. Banoful & co Ltd has the 7 factories in different location in all over the Bangladesh. Good variation and quality is the main strength of the company and it helps the company to become leading national band in Bangladesh. The company has 11 own showroom and over 150 distribution houses in different location of Bangladesh. There are more than 200 products in Banoful & Co. Some are biscuits, sweets, bread, fast food etc. For these products they have use different raw materials like Milk, Sugar, Ghee, Flour, Egg etc. Banoful & Co. maintain their costing system according to...
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