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Question 1

a) Carlsberg Brewery Malaysia Berhad was incorporated in December 1969 and began brewing beer in Malaysia in 1972. The vision is regardless of the occasion and place, our Brands shall be the consumers’ preferred choice. The mission is Carlsberg Malaysia is a dynamic provider of beer, stout and beverage brands, bringing people together and adding to the enjoyment of life. The goals are maintain the Carlsberg Green Label lead in the market share and develop alternative advertising strategies for Carlsberg and enhance the reputation as a beer provider of enjoyment for following 5 years. The strategies are be a significant player in the markets and iconise Carlsberg and grow through a winning portfolios. (103 words)

b) The definition of vision is the desired future state or aspiration of an organisation. The vision stated in Carlsberg website did match the definition because it states the strong desire to be consumers’ preferred choice regardless of occasion and place. The definition of mission is a statement that defines the purpose and boundaries of the organisation. The mission that Carlsberg present did fit the definition because the purpose of Carlsberg which has a mission to be Malaysia’s dynamic provider of beer, stout and beverage brands. The definition of objectives/goals is specific statement of what the organisation aims to achieve, often quantified and relating to a specific period of time. Because objectives/goals given by Carlsberg has a specific statement which states the aim of Carlsberg in a specific period that Carlsberg wants to be to lead the market share and enhance its reputation for next 5 years, therefore it fulfil the definition. Lastly, strategies are defined as the direction that the organisation intends to take over the long term, to meet its mission and achieve its objectives. The strategies of Carlsberg did match its definition because Carlsberg wants to be a significant player in the markets which meet its mission and to iconise Carlsberg and grow through winning portfolios which achieve its objectives. (210 words)

c) Performance assessment is crucial to management of any companies who wants to make sure that its operation is under control. Therefore, company is split into several units of operations in the form of responsibility centres. Responsibility centre is defined as an organisation unit for which a manager is held accountable for. There are four types of responsibility centres which are investment centres, profit centres, revenue centres and cost centres.

The investment centre is a sub-unit where a manager is responsible for investment decisions as well as decisions affecting costs and revenues. Investment centre managers are therefore accountable for the performance of capital employed as well as profits. Investment centre is also known as profit centre with additional responsibilities. Therefore, the type of management accounting information could be collected to help the responsibility centre managers for Carlsberg to make a better decisions are the rate of return on investment and the valuation of non-current assets. This is because with this information, managers of Carlsberg can make a better decision with the capital investment in order to gain a higher investment return. However the investment centre is also responsible for costs and revenue, therefore all information that is relevant in a profit centre is needed in investment centre.

The profit centre is a sub-unit when a manager is accountable for making profit for the company. Their performance is measured by the profit margin. Therefore, the management accounting information that could be collected are the product profitability, cost-volume-profit analysis and client profitability analysis. For Carlsberg, product profitability information will enable Carlsberg managers to identify the level of profitability in each product in its portfolio. Therefore, Carlsberg managers will know which product...
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