Cop and the Anthem

Topics: Irony, Homelessness, Crime Pages: 13 (4413 words) Published: January 28, 2014
The Cop And The Anthem

By O Henry

1) What are the signs of approaching winter in the story?
The signs of approaching winter given by the author are:
1. The birds (geese) flying south
2. Women wanting to buy new warm coats (sealskin coats – coats made from sealskin keep people really warm) 3. The dead leaves falling from trees

Three signs of approaching summer in India are:
Dry river beds
Barren and dry land, trees drooping from lack of water
Mango season (summer fruit in India)
Very hot…..reaching 45°C
Signing of the Koel bird

2) What are the ‘troubles’ that Soapy would have to plan for? Soapy was a homeless man. Being homeless in New York meant that when winter approached he had troubles on how to keep himself warm and sheltered during the cold winter. He needed to arrange a warm place to stay and food to eat.

3) How was Soapy’s plan for the winter different from the other people of New York? Many people from the city of New York would plan to escape to warmer places during winter. People would plan holidays to Southern parts of the country (like Florida) or take a Mediterranean cruise. However, Soapy was not like that. He was happy with a place which would provide him a warm shelter and guaranteed food. His idea was to get arrested for some petty crime and be sent to prison for 3 months.

4) Why Did Soapy not accept the charity given by the government for the homeless during winter? What does this tell you about him? There were several charitable places providing a warm shelters and simple food during winter. However, they humiliated the poor or asked lots of personal questions. Soapy was a proud man with self respect. He was not willing to tell people his personal information for a warm place and food. In prison no one asked personal questions or humiliated people. This is the reason why he felt that it was better to get arrested and put in prison rather than to take charity from the government.

5)Which two things tell us that after the waiter saw Soapy’s frayed trouser he did not get to eat there? The two things which tell us that the Soapy did not get to eat in the nice restaurant are: 1. The staff turned him around and threw him out of the restaurant. 2. The duck that he was planning to eat was not killed for his meal

6a) Fill in sequential flow cart to show Soapy’s journey from Madison Square bench to Blackwell Island prison.

Bench in Madison Square

Tried to eat in a nice restaurant but was thrown out

Broke a glass window but was not arrested as the cop thought a suspect would not stand waiting to get arrested ↓
Ate a huge meal at an average restaurant but did not pay for it. He was thrown out on the street but the cops were not called ↓
Started shouting loudly and behaving drunk but was passed of as being a drunk young college kid celebrating a game won (orders were given not to arrest such kids) ↓
Stole an umbrella from a person who had stolen it earlier and did not want to tell the cops ↓
Came near a church on his way back to Madison Square where he heard an anthem from his younger days being played ↓
Loudly cursed all policemen he saw as he was walking as he was desperate to get arrested ↓
The anthem reminded him of his good old days and he decided to change (reform himself) ↓
Arrested for loitering

6b) What spoilt his chances of being arrested every time he tried? Soapy was just unlucky that he could not get arrested. All his plans to get arrested by the cops back fired. Below are the things he did to try and get arrested: 1. When he went to the restaurant he was thrown out for not having suitable pants and shoes 2. When he broke the glass window he was not arrested. He told the cop he broke the window but the cop did not believe him. The cop did not believe a person would commit a crime and would wait to get arrested. Instead the cop ran...
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