Conflicting Issues in Healthcare in Jamaica

Topics: Medicine, Health care, Health economics Pages: 2 (573 words) Published: June 14, 2012
Most Jamaican citizens come in contact with the health care sector as patients or clients through using hospitals, clinics, health centers or other available health sectors such as pharmacies, blood banks and health insurance companies. We the body of the health field such as doctors, nurses, technologist, therapeutic professionals, and health insurance agents play an integral role in providing various methods of care for this population. It is in our interest to acquire better health care actions for the sick such as access to ambulance services particularly to areas where there is difficulty in getting to the injured. Campaign for better treatment access to pregnant women especially when approaching labour. There needs to be a collaborative effort to address issues that affect the wheel chair dependent citizens who attend the hospitals, clinics and other health care facilities which does not have devices to facilitate wheel chair dependents in areas such as bathroom, examination room, and sometimes no access to the second floor of some facilities where the elevators are not functioning some of the times. There are cases of inadequate access to therapeutic devices such as haemodialysis, ultrasound and radiographic diagnostics, and medication. These important infrastructures are sometimes malfunctioning, too costly, or inaccessible due to location. In as far as mental health is concerned, rising behavior and mental health problems in Jamaica are not being adequately addressed. Due to a critical shortage of qualified and technically trained medical professionals who can work in schools, detention centers, mental health settings and corporate environments. Health policies are made by the public and private companies for their employees. However, the very young, old, unemployed and imprisoned are unrepresented. The chronically ill of these Jamaicans are challenged with new forms of diseases such as HIV/AIDES, resistant tuberculosis, and cancer. The...
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