Computer Engineering

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Pre-College Engineering Program


Computer Engineering

Computer engineers analyze, design and, evaluate computer systems hardware and software. They work on different systems focusing in on problems and working to improve performance. Computer engineers work on computer design, planning, development, testing, and supervision of manufacturing. This paper will present education requirements, potential employers, and salary.

For one to enter the field of computer engineering one must have a minimum of a bachelor degree in computer engineering. A bachelor degree in Computer Engineering usually provides studies in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Some schools that offer this degree are accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering Technology, Inc. (ABET). Some of these schools are University of Houston, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, University of Texas and, Prairie View A&M University. One of the best Computer Engineering schools in Texas is Prairie View and University of Texas. At Prairie View A&M University the courses one would take are listed as follows: Freshman Year: Freshman Comp I, Calculus I, Engr. Appl Lab II for Math, Intro. Engr CS Tech, Intro Elect. Lab, Comp. Sci. I, Comp. Sci. I, Lab Fund. Of Speech, Tech. Writing, Calculus II, Engr. Appl Lab III for Math, Comp. Sci. II, Comp. Sci. I Lab, Univ. Phy. I, Univ. Phy. Lab I, Sophomore Year: Diff. Equations, Univ. Phy. II, Univ. Phy. Lab II, Chem. For Engrs., Chem. Lab II, US to 1876, Data Structures Network Theory I, Elect. Cir. Lab, Discrete Math, Thermodynamics I, Statics & Dynamics, Econ Analy Tech App, Junior Year: Prob. & Statistics, Network Theory II, Logic Circuits, Logic Circuits Lab, Phys. Electronics, US 1876 to Present Signals & Systems, Microproc. Sys. Desg, Microproc. Sys. Lab, Electronics I, Comp. Arch. & Org., American Govt. I, Prof. Engr. I, Senior Year: Embedded Sys Desg, Digital Design, Senior Desg & Prof. I,...

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