Computer Application

Topics: Computer-aided design, Bank, Marketing Pages: 2 (292 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Application of computer in different fields
← Business.
← Medical.
← Banking sector.
← Education.
← Service sector.
← Defense.
← Engineering and Robotics.
← Entertainment.
← MARKETING :- Computer is mainly used for sales promotion, e.g. designing of advertisements. Internet marketing (e-marketing).
Comparing the sales figure.
Studying the demand graph.
← PRODUCTION :-It is used for making design of product. CAD (computer aided design)
← HUMAN RESOURCE :- Computer is used in keeping the records of all the employees. Recruitment and Selection.
← FINANCE :- Helps in making the financial statement.
Comparing the financial statement of two year.
Preparing the “BUDGETS”.
← Research :-Used in different pharmaceutical companies. ← Hospitals :- Mainly computer is used for keeping the record of patients. Inventory of medicines.
← Diagnosis :-
CT scan.
Blood test.
Electro-cardio gram.
Maintaining the record and storing the files instead of manual record. Internet banking (e-banking).
Transaction from ATMs.
Selling their insurance online.
providing 24×7 online services.
← Higher education :- All the universities and colleges are furnished with computer labs. ← Online education :- This can done with the help of computer and internet. ← Self-Learning.
← Faculty usage.
← School library.
Used to generate letters and documents.
← Railways :- Computerized reservation and cancellation is done. ← Online reservation, Schedule, Availability and fare, Position of the train ← Transportation.
← Airways
← Hotels.
← Air force :- All the fighter plane are equipped with computer system for targeting and navigation. With the help of computer only...
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