Communication Theory

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Introduction to Communication Worksheet

Paragraph Questions

Answer the following questions in your own words. Each response must be written as an academic paragraph of at least 150 words. Be clear and concise, and provide explanations for your answers. Format your sources consistent with APA guidelines.

1. According to Introducing Communication Theory (2010), what is the definition of communication? What does communication mean to you personally? Provide an example.

Communication has a 126 published definitions. Communication is a social process in which individuals employ symbols to establish and interpret meaning in their environment. (EBOOK COLLECTION: West, R., & Turner, L. H. (2010). Introducing communication theory: Analysis and application (4th ed.). New York: McGraw-Hill) Communication means to me personally; The kind of business that I am in, communication is everything and need it to survive. I am fortunate to have had a first career in hairdressing and speaking to the customer about there desires and the way they wanted their hair was very important. I am in the resturant business now, and I still need skills to communicate effevtively to my co-workers and to customers. In both fields I am in management and when you have many employees under you it difficult to manage different personalities and ages. I find it always be mindful of what you say and how it comes across to the reciever.

2. Describe the differences between linear, interactional, and transactional communication.

Linear model involves only one way communication that is messages are sent and receiver only receivers. It is considered one dimensional. Linear model is great for electronic media, such as radio and television, because of its one way nature, but it encounters several problem when looking at other channels. Linear model visualizes the transfer as an act being done to the receiver by the sender. Transactional model recognizes that communication is a simultaneous process and therefore switched both the terms “sender” and “receiver” to communicator. Transactional model recognizes how the type of channel can affect meaning. For example; The words “I love you” have a much different meaning if they are said through a billboard than through a voicemail. Interactional model is two way like a telephone conversation or a IM where messages are sent or received at one time.

3. Why is communication critical to developing self-concept? Provide an example of how communication has helped you develop your self-concept.

Self-concept concerns most of us, For example; If I single someone out for praise over a job well done, I would hurt the others’ self-esteem. One person praises another for a job that wasn’t very well done, observing that “ I did not want to hurt this persons self-esteem. Many school systems even think that the promotion of self-esteem should be a important goal of education. Some challenge the merit of a “feel-good curriculum” and distain the fact that we walk around on eggshells to avoid hurting another person’s self-esteem.

Myth or Reality?


1. We communicate only when we consciously and deliberately choose to communicate. Myth or Reality

Myth- because even though one chooses not to communicate verbally one can choose to communicate through body language.

2. Words do not mean the same things to the listener as they do to the speaker. Myth or Reality

3. We communicate primarily with words.
Myth or Reality

4. Nonverbal communication is not perceived solely through sight. Myth or Reality

5. Communication is not a one-way activity.
Myth or Reality

6. The message we send is identical to...
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