Communication Plays a Vital Role in Interpersonal Relationships

Topics: Communication, Psychology, Nonverbal communication Pages: 4 (1300 words) Published: November 14, 2010
Communication Plays a Vital Role in Interpersonal Relationships

Interpersonal communication is a very important forms of communication that is vital to all society and human beings, since humans are sociable people we enjoy interacting with one another on many different levels. When we do not understand how to communicate properly with each other poor communication skills is the main cause of many broken relationships and marriages . To understand communication we have to understand that communication is made up of many different aspect.

This paper will focus on verbal communications, nonverbal communication, listening, body language, emotion, perception ,words , have on interpersonal communication that has an effect on interpersonal relationships. Interpersonal communication occurs between two or more individuals on a personal or face-to-face level mostly in informal and comfortable setting. Communication is an processes in which people share information, ideals and feeling. When these feelings and ideals are convey through conversation the sender translate the observation into a message, and then transmits the message through communication medium to the receiver (Hybels and Weaver,2007) The receiver must then pay close attention and show genuine concern about the message he or she has just receive. Then interpret the message and provide feedback to the sender indicating that the message has been understood and the appropriate action has been taken .In relationships we go through a wide range of endless emotion from love, to hatred, courage, fear, happiness, and sadness.

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These emotions can impact interpersonal relationships negatively or positively by altering our behavior. One example, positive emotions can also negatively affect our behavior. When we as allowing ourselves to be abused by someone because we love them, our emotion can blind side us to the point that our point of view becomes distorted. By staying in...

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