Communication Plan

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Communication Plan
A communication plan is a plan that will help you verbalize what one want to say. It plans out everything you say and the reasoning behind that statement. A communication plan also, assist what daily changes you want made. It states to the students who, what where, when and why. Although, a communication plan plays its own role; it is also very similar to the mission and vision statement. This plan states what the main factors one is looking for, when including technology within one’s learning. It supports the goals that one is willing to accomplish. The communication plan is a plan that benefits the schools curriculum, by setting a mission and vision statement. It put the finishing touch on the project that one plans on getting done. Technology can help a student navigate a classroom website by teaching one how to explore the web. Learning how one is supposed to search for the information that he or she needs. The class website provides all of the information that one is expected to be aware of for the duration of the course. All the information that students and parents need, will be on the classroom website. It is important that parents are involved in their child’s schooling. Presenting them with the information their child needs, supplying them with the students’ academic achievements, and discussing improvements that will aid that student. As a teacher, different types of communication skills can help one achieve their goals. Every student you meet is unique, and it is vital that you find a way to meet their learning requirements. In order to make the educational community comfortable, we have to reach out to one another; sending emails, letters, creating a Facebook page for the community, chat rooms even, sending out your number to people within that community. “The ability to communicate information instantly and accurately has changed the way people conduct business and interact with each other, and the way students learn”...

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