Communication Plan

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Communication Plan
The purpose to a communication plan is to have a generalized outline that addresses
the methods of communication (both written and verbal), and who is responsible for the accuracy and the execution of the communication plan. The communication plan needs to include objectives, goals, anticipated outcomes, and measurements of the results of the communication. Target audiences for the communication plan can be both internal (staff), and external (customers and vendors), and should take into consideration the needs and level of understanding for each group. Failure to manage and maintain an accurate and up-to-date communication plan can result in loss of staff, customers, vendors, and trust for the organization.

STEPS: Identify Internal and External Stakeholders
In order for a company to be successful, it needs to know and recognize both internal and external customers. Internal customers are anyone within the organization that has a valid stake in the success of the organization. These can be identified as employees, manager, CEO, and investors as without the company, these individuals would not have employment. External stakeholders are those that determine the success or failure of an organization. These can be defined as customers, vendors, and even the local community as without them, the company will cease to exist.

As time has gone by, there has become multiple ways to deliver communication to the target audiences. Once it was writing a letter, putting it in the post and it could be weeks before a response could be received. In today’s age, there are multiple methods to use: telephone, written letters, newsletters, electronic mail, and surveys are examples of methods to be used in order to communicate to the intended target audience.

Intent and Objectives of Strategic Plan
The strategic plan has several goals including communicating the company’s purpose,...
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