Communication in the Workplace

Topics: Employment, Nursing, Culture Pages: 3 (1049 words) Published: March 23, 2013
Communication in the Workplace
Dovey House
University of Phoenix
Kristina Gray
September 26, 2011

Communication in the Workplace
Currently employed as a certified nursing assistant at a nursing home I know communication is essential to performing my job correctly and successfully. At the facility the employees utilize different communication processes to ensure the residents receive the best care possible. The two major communication processes we use are charting and word of mouth. In this paper I will describe both the charting and word of mouth processes; explain how gender and cultural differences affect communication; and state if there can be improvements made for better communication or not. Charting is our most used form of communication. Upon reporting to work before touching any patient it is our duty to review the cardex of each patient we are assigned to care for that day. The cardex is a large card type document that contains information about the resident that is essential to care for the resident and is to be updated after each shift. The reason we are required to review the cardex before caring for the residents is because if there have been any changes in the residents care plan, physical health, mental health or doctor orders it will have been charted on the cardex by the certified nursing assistant that cared for the resident when the changes was made. At the end of our work shift we are required to chart on the cardex so that the next nursing assistant will know if any changes occurred on our shift. Each individual has his or her own cardex so no information will be mixed up or confused with someone else information. The cardexs are not the only charts that we read and review, at the end of each shift we have to fill out bowel movement charts, food intake and output charts, shower records and other information that will be useful to the other nursing assistant reporting to duty. Word of mouth is a process we use that is...

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