Communication Diary

Topics: Communication, Nonverbal communication, Short Message Service Pages: 5 (1333 words) Published: May 24, 2015
Communication Diary by Thidarat Thipbumrung

Content Summary
Why/Why Not
Job Interview
I had interviewed for housekeeping job in Hilton Hotel Brisbane. I was talking Human Resources Coordinator and Executive Housekeeping. They were asking about my experienced in my last jobs in New Zealand and also how to make customers satisfy when they come to the hotel. Yes

It was very effective job interview as I quite understand the point of all questions so I could clearly answered. Senders were using formal language without complicated sentence as they absolutely know that receiver is not an English native speaker. They always use body language and facial expressions. I think face-to-face interview like this is the best channel to communicate. 12/08/2014

I read an article about how in China the police are using a new way to punish motorists who drive with very bright lights in their cars bothering other drivers. This new technique consist in sitting the offender in a stool in front of the police car for 5 minutes with the cop’s car lights glaring at them on full beam. Offenders will also receive a $50 fine and a lecture from the police. Yes

It’s an effective article to communicate a clear idea about new laws being sit in China. It’s an article where a range of simple words are used to keep an easy reading, giving all the details to fulfill a complete description of the news. 12/08/2014

Study in the class
I was studying in Marketing class and couldn’t pay attention to lecturer because one of classmate took the shoe off. No
Sender (lecturer) did the best job to make receiver get as much as knowledge for attend the class. It was not effective communication as usual because of human pheromones (body smell). 12/08/2014
Student Service Meeting
I had appointment with Student Service team in the library to discuss about any problem I have during my first semester at school. Yes
It was an effective communications as sender used a lot of gesture to express ideas and emotion to make receiver feel secure and clam to talk about the problems. 13/08/2014
Short message
A SMS was sent to me by a friend, giving me information to arrange a meeting for Sunday in the afternoon with no further details as place or time. No
It was not a good communication process due to the lack of details included in the message, which is couldn’t let the meeting succeeds. Moreover, sender should give more detail such as where, when so receiver will know exactly and give the right feedback. 14/08/2014

An advertisement on TV by Australian Red Cross persuading the viewers to donate blood through a conceptualized message as “roll up your sleeve”. It is shown different situations on the daily life where all of us roll our sleeves before helping other persons. Encouraging people to roll up their sleeves and donate blood. Yes

It’s an excellent and effective channel to use persuasive letters (AIDA sequence) such as “Donate Blood” with a unique and succeeding in the process of being placed in people’s mind.

Radio station on the internet
I want to update music trend in Thailand, so search for some radio stations. Yes
It was great to listening native language from the radio sometimes because now I live in Brisbane, which mainly uses English language. And also easier to understand and pay attention to what is being said. 16/08/2014

Junk mail
I’ve been receiving consecutive emails from a recognized clothes company trying to appeal me with low prices, and promotions even when I have already unsubscribed this service. And set it as spam on my inbox No

It’s not an effective process, because the company is forcing me to check promotional information which I don’t feel the necessity and I don’t want to receive. For a good communicational process both parts should agree with the flow of information between them....
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