Communication Climate

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Communication Climate:  The Key To Positive Relationships

Why is Communication Difficult?

When two people talk, six possible messages get through
What you mean to say
What you actually say
What the other person hears
What the other person thinks he hears
What the other person says about what you said
What you think the other person said about what you said.

Definition: Communication climate refers to the emotional tone of the relationship.

Communication is the lifeblood of every relationship. When open, clear, sensitive communication takes place, the relationship is nurtures. When communication is guarded, hostile or ineffective, the relationship falters. Organizational communication can definitely affect employee productivity and retention.

Studies show that performance and job satisfaction increase when the communication climate is positive.

Confirming communication

Confirming communication-messages that convey valuing
Disconfirming- messages that show lack of regard.

Types of Confirming Messages

1. Recognition
The most fundamental act of confirmation is to recognize

2. Acknowledgement-Listening is the most common form of acknowledgement

3. Endorsement
You agree with the ideas of the speaker

Type of Disconfirming Messages

1.Impervious Response- Ignoring another person
2.Verbal Abuse- Communication that appears to be designed to create pain 3.Generalized Complaining- Disconfirming because it implies character fault 4. Interrupting-
5.Irrelevant Response- A comment unrelated to what the person has just said 6.Tangential Response- Instead of ignoring, the other party uses the remarks to start a new conversation 7.Impersonal Responses- loaded with clichés; get used to it, that's life. 8.Ambiguous Responses- Containing messages with more than one meaning 9.Incongruous Responses- Two messages that seem to contradict each other

How Communication Climates Develop

After a climate is formed it can take on a life...
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