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Communication is the process of sending
and receiving information among
people. Communication is how we
interact with our entire world, whether
spoken words, written words, gestures,
music, paintings, photographs or
dance. It is an interaction that allows
individuals, groups and
institutions to share ideas.

Based on the number of people involved
in the communication process, we
identify 4 levels of communication.
1. Intrapersonal Communication:
This can be described as communication
within oneself or with oneself or
the process of understanding and sharing
meaning within the self e.g.
Talking to yourself.
It involves processing information or the
mental response to external
stimuli or data. The stimuli could be in
the form of sound, heat, light etc
1. Interpersonal Communication
This is the personal process of
coordinating meaning between at least
people in a situation that allows mutual
opportunities for both speaking
and listening.
It can also be described as the act of
transferring or processing
information between two or more
Interpersonal communication has two
. Dyadic communication- two person
. Small-group communication-
interaction of a small group of people
to achieve an interdependent goal.
Interpersonal communication can take 3
different forms:
- Monolineal ( writing letters, giving
information, giving orders)- two
people involved
- Bilineal ( conversation, interviews,
letter and reply,
discussions)-two people involved
- Multilineal (meetings, interviews,
conversations, discussions)- more
than two people involved

It is the process of generating meaning
in a situation where single
source transmits a message to a number
of receivers who give nonverbal and
sometimes question-and- answer

1. Communication is related to human
activity: Communication exchanges
are actually directly linked with every
single ball of human being
lifetime. It is necessary within primary
some sort of substantial human
being lifetime. Taking pleasure in
restful lifetime, acquiring
person-to-person interactions, creating
a flourishing point out and so on.
Aren’t probable without having
communication exchanges.
2. Communication involves two or
more parties: At least, two parties are
involved in virtually any
communication exchange process. This
exactly who communicates information
is known as sender and the party
exactly who is provided with the info
is known as a device. Even so in some
instances some sort of sender could
send out a message for you to many
3. Communication could be one-way or
maybe two-way process:
Communication might take the design
involving two-way or maybe one-way
process. With two-way communication,
the receiver sends his feedback to the
sender after receiving the message.
One-way communication you move
involving information style sender to
be able to receive only. In this
particular means of communication
receiver doesn’t present his or her
reaction to your sender.
4. Success of communication depends
on a proper understanding of the
parties involved: Powerful
communication comes about if your
feels your concept you might say your
sender posts the idea. If the
receiver doesn’t deliver his or her
reaction to your sender, your sender
is not going to fully grasp your
receiver’s view. In this case, your
communications are going to be
inadequate. As a result, to make your
communication prosperous the two
senders and receiver got to know your
effects of different.
5. Conversation in organization flows
in a variety of styles: With
organization, information flows in a
variety of recommendations, for
example way upward direction, down
way, horizontal way and many others.
6. Communication is...
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