Topics: Communication, E-mail, Nonviolent Communication Pages: 2 (369 words) Published: December 1, 2013
1. Describe what is discussed in the video regarding email protocol. 2. Explain what is said in the video about the role of communication when building relationships with customers. 3. What does Mitch say about the generational differences in terms of how email is perceived? E-mail in Communication

In the video, Dean gave the Billy reply that was “Not a good idea”. Susan thought that this reply was not in a professional way. Billy wanted details such as deadline, reasons and things more spelled out. It was a business letter on screen. Dean should make Billy comfortable so that they can move forward. Misunderstandings happens when email written too simply because the recipient cannot read the writer’s tone and expression, and give the recipient too much space to interpret. Consider that even though email can be quite informal, it is also a permanent record and should be treated carefully. Of course, with the development of global economy, E-mail plays a more and more important role in communication when building relationships with customers. Email eliminates time and global barriers. But as Mitch said, E-mail is one-sided; you cannot see someone’s expression, gestures and you do not need to react and interact with him. So when used E-mail to communicate, we need to establish respect and trust through face-to-face communication or telephone. After that, it will be more effective to use email. And also there are many other advantages using email to communicate with customers. First, email is inexpensive. We know that it is very important to save money when running a company. Second, easy to archive for future recall. Nowadays, we can easy to get too much information, but it is not easy to remember and store them. E-mail is a prefect way to store large amount of information in lower cost and convenient to find. Mitch said that younger people such as Dean takes email as a quick dash communication, they do not think it as important as business letter, however,...

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