Collective Legitimization as a political Function

Topics: Political philosophy, League of Nations, United Nations Pages: 2 (387 words) Published: April 1, 2014
“Collective Legitimization as a Political Function of the UN” by Claude Inis

I. Introduction

United Nations has now developed and plays a big role in world affairs. It has been adapted to the necessities and possibilities created and the limitations established by the changing realities of international politics, collective legitimization has emerged as one of its major political functions. Collective Legitimization is one of the most significant functions of the United Nations. This function of the UN not only strengthens the individual states but also their position as a particular group of states because it affects the distribution of power in the system. The development of the function of the Collective Legitimization has been a "political and psychological" phenomenon The values of acts of the legitimization by the United Nations have been established by the intense demand for them.

II. The Problem of Political Legitimacy

This urge requires that power be converted into authority, competence be supported by jurisdiction, and possession be validated as ownership. Politics is not merely a struggle for power but also a contest over legitimacy, a competition in which the conferment o denial, the confirmation or revocation, of legitimacy is an important stake. Power holders are burdened, like other human beings, by necessity of satisfying their own consciences because with great power comes a great responsibility. Power and legitimacy are not antithetical, but complementary. The real problem of legitimacy: law and morality

III. Legitimization in International Relations

The collective legitimization function of the UN may affect international relations in general

First Proposition: the function of legitimization in the international realm has tended in recent years to be increasingly conferred upon international political institutions. Second Proposition: the exercise of this function is, and probably will continue to be, a highly...
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