Coat of Arms

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What I Do Well
A coat of arms can describe someone entirely just by describing your likes, experiences, tendencies, and personality. Making a coat of arms for yourself can also help you describe yourself in ways you never thought to. Someone can learn a lot about others and about themselves through a coat of arms. Someone can use it to possibly re-evaluate their life, or just to catch up with themselves. To begin with, ill talk about something I have always been not only interested in, but also good at. From an early age, I have always been interested in art; more particularly, drawing. I have always been able to fuse my feelings or things I enjoy to drawing. For example, in kindergarten, I was completely obsessed with dinosaurs. Of course my talents were amateur, but I gave it my best. I would draw the skeletons of dinosaurs and show them to the whole class, hoping for their approval. Throughout my grade school career, I continued to draw and research my prehistoric friends. As I got older, my drawings improved, learning to draw the small details which made the dinosaurs seem more realistic. These days, I continue to draw dinosaurs from time to time. On a boring day I will put on my music and revisit my childhood dino sketching days. Of course, since kindergarten, my drawing skills have drastically improved. Now that I have a nephew and niece in my family, I have tried to get them interested in dinosaurs, and it worked! When they are in town with my sister, my nephew would ask for different drawings of dinosaurs he heard about from me. So I would draw them for him, and when I was satisfied with the look of it, I would give it to him and help him learn the names of the dinosaurs, just as I did when I was a kid. I have used my drawing skills not only to better my skills in art, but also to vent. Some days I would draw random things relating to my problem or situation. I will spend hours on the drawing in hopes that I would stop thinking about the problem from thinking about it so much. I use drawing as a way to deal with certain things, and to solve them as well. One day when my dad picked me up from grade school, he told me my grandfather had died. After visiting my aunt and uncle, we went home in silence. When we got home, I thought of what reminded me of him. The thought I came up with was my aunt and uncles house, where I always saw him. My aunt and uncles house was very scenic. It was located in the woods near Gates of Heaven cemetery, right on the lake. So to vent my feelings of the loss, I tried drawing the beautiful scene. It didn't look as good as I'd like, but I spent hours working on the drawing. During that time I remembered many good things of grandpa Damrough, and helped me ease my mind. Another example of me using drawing to vent my feeling was the day my dog passed away. For a long time our Shetland sheepdog named Kipper had been a big part of the family. We got her when I was just five or six years old. She was the greatest companion a person could have. When I would get home from school she would greet me at the door and spend the day with me. Then after she was done begging for food at the dinner table, she would accompany dad to the basement for some tv on work nights, and late night hang outs on his days off. Occasionally, we would have a fire in the summertime which she would always accompany us to, to guard the woods behind the house while we enjoyed the fire. In her later years, she began to slow down a bit. She wasn't the energetic and fast pup she use to be. At the age of 12, she developed bone cancer. She died during the summer of my junior year. Besides my drawing I tried to do on that day, I still do drawings of pictures we have of her occasionally. She is one of my favorite things to draw, because of the happy memories she brings into my mind. I have learned to do other sorts of art during my years at Prep, such as pen and ink, colored...
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