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Topics: Developing country, United Nations, Sahara Pages: 2 (496 words) Published: July 20, 2014
Greengard, S. 2010, ‘Cloud computing and developing nations Communications of the ACM’, Vol 53.5.pp.18-20 In this journal, Greengard has illustrated about the importance, potential and achievement of cloud computing (pp. 18-19). And also about the limitation, challenges and problems of cloud computing (p.20). He has also disclosed about the use and value of cloud computing in the current situation and future (pp.18-19) and the opportunity provided by it. Greengard also uttered that it has also helped to carry impossible task with limited errors and resources. He also believed that cloud computing act as a catalyst for the innovation and development of developing nations (p.20).

According to Greengard, cloud computing has attracted himself and the whole world due to its possibilities and benefits and it has also broad implication. Schwam K (cited Greengard 2010) stated that “it has potential to dramatically change business models and the way people interact with each other.” Likewise, Bratt S (cited Greengard 2010) indicated about “cloud computing crushing down the obstacles to entry at playing field.”

Greengard recited that it facilitates strong information technology and advancement at very low cost and even can share information and resources to various destinations at anytime and anywhere as long there is internet service. Large companies are increasing their computing centres continuously in various parts of the world i.e. Google, IBM, Microsoft) (p.18). Greengard has provided numbers of examples such as: In Sahel (Sahara region), farmers are getting information about harvesting time, plants and nutrition details and about price in the tip of their hand(mobile) and In India, large companies are helping their members by providing computing services and software and this all was possible due to cloud computing(p.19). A software product developing in one country can be modified and spread out by other developers in different countries without any loss of...
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