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Discuss the key political, economic, and social forces that may have influenced the development of the clinic.
Political forces that can have an influence on the development of this clinic could be ;how much of the states budget is allocated to healthcare and how that money is distributed amongst the state. It can also determine what positions will be funded, what equipment will be purchased, what programs should be adopted, and which current programs should be dropped. Social forces that can influence the development of this clinic could include; traditions, values and social trends of its community and patients. Its location could also have an influence because if it is in a poor location where the population is small, services may not be in high demand. It is very important that the stakeholders continuously assess the changing values, attitudes, and demographic characteristic to continue providing optimal care. Depending on the nature and direction of the local economy, wage rates, disposable income, unemployment and transportation can all have an economic influence on the development of the clinic. (Barnat, 1998)

What would be a good mission statement?
Our mission is to continuously improve the quality of healthcare services provided to the communities we serve by creating an environment that promotes physician participation, recognizes the value and contributions of our employees, and strives to meet the unique healthcare needs of our local communities.

Our goals are to; provide excellent physical, emotional and spiritual care for each of our patients and their families, build a work environment where each person is valued, respected and has an opportunity for personal and professional growth, strengthening our relationships with universities, colleges, other hospitals, agencies and our community, and the commitment of our staff, physicians, volunteers, students, community partners and friends to our mission permits us to maintain a quality of presence and tradition of caring.

Identify three performance measures you would use to measure the clinic’s effectiveness and provide the rationale for each performance measure.
The first performance measure I would use to measure the clinic’s effectiveness is associate satisfaction. Without associate satisfaction their would be an even bigger shortage in the healthcare industry. Keeping associates happy and having open communication lines make a big difference in the work place. An empowered associate understands the they can and should change the work environment when some part interferes with mission achievement. It also creates a culture where questions can be asked, answers can be sought, and changes can be implemented. Associate satisfaction can be measured by; satisfaction surveys, retention, absenteeism, vacancy measures, meeting attendance, number of issues raised, and incidents that cause excessive disruption. The results can be obtained through routine surveys, human resource statistics, and from summaries of rounding and listening activities. After the results are gathered and reviewed, changes will be implemented to help make improvements. (White, Griffith, 2010)

The second performance measure I would use to measure the clinic’s effectiveness is patient satisfaction. Patient satisfaction is crucial because if your patients are not satisfied with their care, the facility, and their overall experience at the clinic, they may not return. This can ultimately effect the business of the clinic. Patient satisfaction can be collected and measured by surveys that focus on overall satisfaction and specific services, post discharge surveys, counts of “Caught in the Act,” and complaints patients may have. The HCAHPS is a patient survey questionnaire that measures a patients perception of quality of care. The clinic can use these surveys to review how they are being perceived by their patients and make necessary changes to ensure patient...

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