Cinderella Man Essay

Topics: Poverty, Homelessness Pages: 2 (430 words) Published: April 12, 2015
Kris Rosencrans
Cinderella Man Essay
Cinderella Man is a movie about a boxer over coming poverty. The boxer was said to give the American people hope. He gave the people hope by putting up a stand against the rich, and fighting. He fought for what was right and overcame what he had to. The boxers name was James J. Braddock. Braddock overcame poverty, with a fight of his life where he helped the whole United States with fighting courage.

In the movie, Braddock was a fighter. He raised his kids to be fighters, not physically, but mentally. To stay mentally strong during the hard time. This is what many people did during the depression. People would ignore what was happening and put their mind somewhere else, like movie theatres, boxing matches, or concerts. In a sense, this is what Braddock did. He used fighting as a escape. He fought to take out anger, but to provide hope and put food on the table, like the people of the depression.

During the depression, people were outworked and drained from working hard hours. They were also mentally drained from what was happening during the depression. For example the streets, the long lines for food, starvation and sickness. Like Braddock in the movie, people commonly used working as an escape, but not just an escape. Working during this time was a mandatory thing. If someone did not work and earn money, they were eventually homeless. Being poverty stricken during this time was not rare, since the streets were full of homeless people. Homeless people that use to have jobs like bankers, accountants, former stock holders and veterans. These jobs were a big connection to the economy, no matter what someone did in their everyday life. If they were going to a job and buying things, they were helping the economy.

In the movie, it was mentioned several times by announcers over the radio and announcers at boxing fights saying that James J. Braddock, once a poverty stricken poor man that was standing in...
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